Forget the other hands – fact is: If you do not receive royal flush on video poker in the long run to download the file. Period.

So how do you increase your odds of hitting the royal flush?.

Many video poker players ignore the following advice when they play, but the only way to beat a video poker machine. Here are five easy tips for winning at video poker.

1 Play slots with best payouts.

Payments for all video poker machines are the same except for the payment, color or Royal Flush Full House.

This means playing only the highest paying machines and avoiding the lower.

Here is a typical comparison of the payments of a Jacks or Better machine.

Strategy payback machine machine.
9 for a full house 6 for a flush 99.5%.
8 for a full house 5 for a flush 97.4%.
7 for a full house 5 for a flush 96.3%.
6 for a full house 5 for a flush 95.2%.

This means that a 6.9 player on the team, earn more for the same hands than other players.

A 9/6 generally hit the royal flush once for each 40,000 hands.

5.8 The odds are once every 45,000 hands etc.

So you have to play 9/6 machines.

2 You must play the maximum coins.

If you put five coins, all winning hands are paid out by a factor of five, except the royal flush. This is a bonus as an incentive to play five coins intended.

Any player who plays less than maximum coins for a royal flush that will be won by another player, help. Make sure you are not one of those losers.

3 Playing progressive.

It’s obvious that you need to play maximum coins, but you also have to see the size of the jackpots on several machines and then play the one with the largest jackpot.

The best video poker games are 9/6 machines with great prizes, and you can never be too big!.

4 You need to play for a long time.

A player on the team 9/6 to get the opportunity to play a royal flush 1:40,000, or the equivalent of about 100 hours.

You have to keep feeding the machine until you win, it’s as simple as that.

You need.. the bet of his own pocket, or by collecting money from the intermediate hands that you do not win. funding..

5 You have to play with a strategy.

In video poker, your odds are better if you play with a strategy – and it’s easy to learn.

The exact strategy depends on the game.

The game should be played or be done better, and of course, there must be a payment machine 6.9.

1 You can see. If you walk into a brick and mortar casino tomorrow and decide what you want to see a game of Texas Hold’em in order to better understand how to play, safety outside the building soon shake. Poker is not a spectator sport in casinos. If you want to learn the game – you have to play. And play if you are a beginner (or as the professionals call it – to “fish”) are a very expensive learning experience to be.

2 You know exactly what’s in the pot? Online will charge all the misery for you. This makes the calculation of the amount to bet, very accurate. Why is this important? You will learn later that one of the keys to victory by a system called professionals for decades paris pot used. The more specific your knowledge of the pot, the better you know exactly how much to bet on a certain hand. Online poker is a dream pot bet. Sharpen your math skills a bit, and you’re on the money trail.

3 You have more choices TABLE AND paris! Have you ever been in a real casino looking for a seat at a card game? Perhaps you are lucky enough to find a few dozen. There are thousands of online casinos with dozens or hundreds of tables has to choose in each case. The combinations that you have noticed ears before applying the hard drive – you can choose from a variety of opportunities and an endless variety of different combinations of players betting. And you can do it in minutes right on the screen. Never has there been so many opportunities for poker players wanting to learn. Remember that not only plays against all odds, you play against other players in a mathematical sense, the whole picture. This is the real key to victory. Automatically search a table with the largest number of children and will benefit players.

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The ability to assess the impact of its position in the table and the table of the enemy’s position on the value of paris improve the results of your poker game. They make a more accurate assessment of the value of your hand and you also get a better idea of ??what your opponents are playing with.

Poker table has four different positions, regardless of the number of people in the game: It is the position of the bank, the starting position, the center position and end position or end.

Players in top positions should avoid playing marginal hands and should be strictly limited to playing only good hands. The middle position player must first consider how players have acted. If the first player did not raise the issue of the player with a marginal hand greatly increase the average position.

For obvious reasons, people know that its final position and can play aggressive opponents. Last Position players with a wide range of starting hands, the hands are still relatively low, bet if his opponents did not act. You can decide to make a bet that there be no increase, which increases the risk.

In a complete game with ten players, as an early reader or PE, you are one of the top three players in action. The person immediately to the left of the big blind, it says that “Under the Gun” or UTG. They are increasingly under pressure to act to initiate the action with a raise.

The average position usually begins the fourth player in order, the fourth player to the left of the dealer button or, as is usually the case in online poker. As a player player early, middle, or MP position player still relatively few benefits and considerable inconvenience to their position in the game placed.

MP as a player, you are in danger of theater “squeeze”. A squeeze play, as its name indicates, is forced to go to take action, usually a bet that call an early position player, if you know you are likely to increase. On the other hand, in the central position, has an advantage over the players in early position and you can make a strong appreciation of their cards. Especially if you have a strong hand, you can bet and play aggressively in the middle position, and you should. If your hand is marginal, should consider the probability that the last player in position to take a position.

The final position or late position player, LP player is called for short, has the best position in the table, as they are the last to act. The player interface, called the CO short, the second player in the last position. LP player has the stronger position because they can win the pot a strategy game, a good deal or bluff when no one else made a move. In Texas Hold’em, the benefit on the basis of the latter position is the strongest player and get a good deal Bluff is the strongest.

On the other hand, if the EP or MP player as a player increases LP, you have to know if you are bluffing or playing with a strong hand. If you make the wrong assessment, play what you know about the cards and styles of your opponents based, can be expensive to get the information to weigh carefully.

Another situation in which the player LP almost exclusively semi-bluff, the player feels an EP or MP, is to raise a bet made. A semi-bluff you must have a very strong hand like a straight or a flush. You can increase to scare your opponents, to encourage them to retire. The semi-bluff also encourages his opponents for you and you may have before your next step if you are to be considered in light of an increase in the second round.

To take full advantage of the localization strategy, you should be aware of their position at all times. Sounds simple, but not always caught in the hand going unconscious, if you need to practice on each hand position in each round.

The general rule is to keep in mind something like this: play strong hands in early position, as a result of its position, the better your chances of being a winner with a marginal hand like a flush or straight match be.

Draw can be difficult for novice poker players. With terms like “pot odds”, “cons” and “redraw” in poker literature, the right course of action may seem confusing. A hand that needs only one more card to be a powerful flush or straight is a strong participation and often has to be interpreted positively. Here we show you 5 tips to play better hand drawing – so you can take advantage of these situations over and over again.

Tip # 1 – “. Rule of four,” On the flop Use.

If you flop four cards to a straight or flush, and you have a rough estimate of the frequency with which you need to complete your hand by the river and the “rule of four is a simple and fairly good approximation. Simply multiply the number cards that complement the hand of four on the flop – you have a chance of winning percentage to work with, for instance, with 9 new cards make a color (there are 2 in hand and there are 2 in the. cards of each color 13 ), have 9 * 4 = 36% to do so by simply dividing the river touring.

Tip # 2 -.!.. draw the line may be better than the flush draw.

During a color better than a suite in a poker game where development can pay for the privilege. The reason for this is that if three of a suit appear on the board and bet becomes large, it can be quite obvious that Indeed there is only around a straight line, which is often less obvious -. meaning you earn paris by an opponent who does not believe that.

Tip # 3 -.. draw the nuts.

If payment is a bet on the next card, the chances that more and more with the fact that has to be balanced to do their part and still lose the hand. seen, for example, if you shoot well do a bit with 67 in hand, there is the danger that the second best an opponent with high suited cards. Ensure that you know well that their opponents these circumstances – understanding that large dividends with the second best hand that over time can make a lot of money to pay.

Tip # 4 -. stack depth counter.
that pay for a map of the turn or river you can see, you must ensure that you and your opponent has enough chips for more paris river. The key concept here is that you must pay when their hands often enough to make time for do if you miss., as your opponent will fold sometimes you have to make sure there are enough tokens are paid above what would be mathematically “correct” in the past.

Tip # 5 – Draw and fold equity…

Since usually a stranger in one of the hands should be on the flop with a poker hand drawing often a little extra help.. be profitable over time if you can get your opponent will fold your hand and then twice more powerful times, good aggressive game and will be an enemy to get sometimes -., and you will make the time the hand of time, when you receive a call. As with all games of poker, a good game is usually much better to call Paris and try to do your part.

Are you afraid of playing poker online as you think that something horrible will happen – as your computer while you are in the middle of a game, as you have won a prize? In the history of mankind, it is not known to happen again, is technophobias one of the biggest myths of the Internet and cyber guy who has people to play poker online.

In this article we will play some of their concerns about online poker, so you know what to discuss.. not really a threat to your financial security or computer, and is.

– Is there while I won a poker accident? First, before you pay online, you should choose a site that is reputable and known to be technically excellent. Do not play a site you’ve never heard. Play a site like Party Poker has a reputation for good graphics and smooth operation.

– Are you a gambling site only steal my credit card and my money? Always make sure that any site that is part of a Secure Socket Layer, when you pay for your poker chips. Pay as you look at the URL in the address bar. If it begins with https:// (instead of http), then you are not using a secure website. Once all the big sites like Party Poker have this type of encryption.

– If I put a poker or casino game download spyware on my computer? Again, it’s a matter of choosing a reputable site. When thousands of people who use it, then it’s likely that this is not a problem.

– Online games rigged in favor of the online casino? The online gambling are more strictly regulated and non-virtual. Instead of a provider of software called Random Number Generator ensures that the game is fair.

– Is this a game site not pay me if I win? This is also against the law and can only online casinos are heavily regulated.

Make sure you choose a site that has help available via live chat, email and phone 24 hours a day / 7 days a week. This means that once again the choice of a very large and international has this kind of customer service.

Why read a file. Card game free online poker. ? If you have experience in the casino poker, you probably think of a card game free poker is a waste of time. But remember: the pace of the game is different from online casino game, you’re not worried, “said” that happen face to face, and matches all the mistakes you make are free!.

The real secret to online poker is to learn the words that exist only in online card games. Remember, there is in poker rooms that give you an advantage, you can not automate their use, but also learn to use the other functions. A disciplined, smart players will quickly pick up habits and error less disciplined players. This will not happen overnight, so take the time to play online games can help sharpen the eye for those who say.

If you have a real idea of ??how others use the auto play, you can begin to develop a strategy for effective use of themselves. Just thinking about the Bluff and evil, can ways to develop their misleading messages automated Thu Whenever a player playing from automatic to manual (or vice versa) seems to be, is a medium. The question is: what does it really mean? A smart player, use insidious, cunning and perfidious just “say” in the opposite direction, it could be interpreted.

Take the time to practice your strategies and tactics never wasted bluff. A. Card game free online poker. will give you a little practice, and the small pot games. Then you can raise the level and profit in the bank!.


888 is one of the online poker sites is the fastest growing in the industry. One last major software update applies to the part of the leaders of the industry and are now among the five best poker rooms in the world rankings.

Rating: 35/50.


The lobby is simple, very easy to use the “browse list with a. Filters in the lobby are slightly alkaline, so it’s games / difficult questions takes time to find the games you like to play the desired filter. ‘S Software the table very good, easy to use and very clear to use for the user. multiple tables is also very simple with a system queue, but does not always work as well as work on other poker sites.

revised…. 8/10.

ltsbgt. ltspgt customer.

The customer service is very good, with “Live Chat” in the operation, you do not have to wait long for an e-mail response through email is also standard response time.

ltspgt revised.. 9/10.


tournament schedule..

Their tournament schedule is a good mix with buy-ins starting and regularly utilize synchronized breaks, multi-location support. SNG may take some time, especially in areas of medium or higher., poor level of play. really well for the little ones wait as weekly tournament is a GTD Rebuy $ 100,000 a game with a rebuy available. $ 90 buy-in and $ 82.

opinion. 8/10 game cash.


traffic cash has improved a lot lately and now offer webcam tables if not just play, your opponent, but see what makes the experience even more real poker that offers a wide selection of standard questions, but the high proportion of micropiles traffic with very few high-stakes games run.

rating: 7 / 10.


The commission is the only real drawback 888poker. rake your cash $ 4, which is $ 1 above the standard 888poker industry more expensive play is limited, but the lack of good players, for this reason is similar.’s Sit n Go rake is a bit on the high side, but 888poker is a good place to play and win money on.

Rating: 3/10.

ltsbgt Recommended. Thu.

multi-table tournaments.

ltspgt. ltsbgt Games.

Texas Hold’em.


Omaha Hi / Lo.

Seven Card Stud.

Seven Card Hi / Lo.

No. Limit / Pot Limit games.


1 If you are worried about losing your money, you should stop playing poker tables change or take a break. The second reason, more than necessary, buy the intimidation factor. Opinions may differ, but faced a big pile, my feelings are that many players (but not all) to show a little more respect (read fear) and play accordingly – it is for your benefit. Now, do not read that buying $ 1,000 in $ 1/2, because people think you’re crazy, but $ 400.. now we are talking.

2 Move tournaments $ 5 ASAP.

This is not so much a trick as there advice. $ 5 Sit and Go tournaments at Party Poker are cheap, but its price. With an entrance fee of $ 1, this is equivalent with a rake of 20%, which is not an easy task to overcome. If you’re good enough to earn enough $ 5 tournaments, you can overcome this rake, you are good enough to play in tournaments of $ 10a is really no difference between the two, and in my opinion, tournaments $ 10 even easier because you are not calling upon the tables full seasons. Try throwing you might like, and poker book from me, but it’s nothing at all possible that you can make an entire table of manic or stations. The game is more logical to $ 10 and even more sense at $ 30.

3 Protect your computer!.

This may seem paranoid or strange advice, but it never hurts to take extra precautions when it comes to protecting your computer and poker. Firewall software is excellent and highly recommended. Windows XP is built with its own firewall which can be activated, but other programs such as BlackIce Defender are even better. Chances are that the person will come later for poker passwords, but why chance it?.

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With a royal flush is one of the best feelings in poker. At least it is very special when you have your first royal flush. The reason was given a rare opportunity to have a royal flush. On average you get this hand once 649A, Â 739 hands dealt (I speak only of No Limit Texas Hold’em). As you can see, it really can take some time until you get the hand. Some players never will get. Online poker is much better than your luck at the casino or play with your friends. The explanation is obvious: in an online game, the average time / work is much shorter than in a live game and you can play multiple tables at once.

So why do I say in the title “king my best color?” I stopped saving my royal flush after 19 of them (especially in Hold’em and Omaha in some). It’s funny, for a long time, I have not, but then began to come about once a month. There was a time when I had 3 of them in about 10 days.

The reason why I wrote “my best”, is that it is difficult to win a big pot with a royal flush. based on the advice that it is difficult to build a pot with him, this is so. There are at least a straight and a flush as well, and your opponent has a part of the coming collapse by all in with you.


I have very good cash game pots, but my best royal flush hand appeared in a freeroll tournament Raketherake and how the hand played out very interesting. Now we will analyze this part.

Blinds are 50/100 and 000 A 6A chips over what had happened in Table 9, the third largest of the stack. I was sitting on the button with QSTS. Everyone folded to me and I thought “it was the perfect opportunity to take the blinds. Raised to 600, the small blind and the big blind called. His stack was a little less than 4 A, A 000 was an interesting interview him. Played pretty well so far. But why do you call? With a pocket JJ or TT, probably would again like he took me on a cliff, I had. Chance to go all in and do not see the flop this player was also very close, I decided to hand with caution.

Flop Play:… KcJs5h checked my opponent and I had an open staircase tie. Since I had, and I was the pre-flop aggressor , so it was a perfect flop for a continuation bet. Perhaps the word semi-bluff is better because I had nothing at this time, but I had a straight draw to the nuts. bet 800 in Figure 1A, Â 300 pot and my opponent made a brief call. Hmmm, I did think it was. part of the flop.

The turn was Ks My opponent checked again that took me back very happy not all the characters I have shown so far that my opponent had.. Pocket pair or a part flop.’s also important to note that the boat was 2A, A 900 and my opponent was a little less than 2A, 400 left. was not the best time to bluff. S was something, it would be pot committed. now called me with a J or K, not to mention some other possible pairs bag in hand.’ve not beaten one of these hands. An argument for paris is now also picked up a flush draw and gutshot of my being with a little luck maybe Q or T could be a winner for me. I always thought it was better not to risk a lot of my chips and I waited in the river I checked.

To see success and river map was:.. Yes I Real aces flush door Now the situation has changed, and I began to pray and hope that my opponent did not want to check something strong he was, but bet 1A, A 200:.. about half of his remaining. Pile Perfect! With a mediocre hand, I would. every push-in or check-fold but made a value bet at the end and wanted to induce me a call. I was all-in and he made a quick call. won out and I was his Ahad.

see.’ll tell you honestly, I have no idea how I ended tournament. Still, it was very memorable, where my actual hands straight aces beat kings full download. For the record, the colors are also poker classified and swords are the strongest. So in this hand that still had the highest royal flush. If you play poker, it is also very important to make your memorable moments, moments you never forget happy in his poker career.

Sorry to say, but I find it funny and sad to see most poker players do not become what they dreamed poker pro for a moment. If your goal is to earn a living with poker, this article can be life changing for you. Without further introduction, here are 5 facts on how to win at poker online.

1 Note: Set realistic goals.

So, you have $ 54 in your bankroll, and you know you want to make $ 200,000. Although it seems almost impossible to do so far, how it would feel to do for $ 75? More simple no? While your focus should be to establish goals for your side. Small step by step to reach your goal.

Secondly, play within your bankroll limits.

In other words, the game simply too high for your bankroll finally has everything to lose if it is $ 54 or $ 54,000 in a matter of days or weeks is. With the variety of table limits available online now, go smart about it. A good rule of thumb is at least 20 times more money you put on the table when buying in. So, if you play in a NL Holdem table, which has a max NL purchase of $ 10, then you need to have at least $ 200 in your br.

Third observation: Help.

I’m never enough how important it is to get real help, hers is. This with a tutor or in a poker school for you. Personally, I think the books and trial and error can only take you so far. If you are really serious about a successful player and get a life outside of it, to help, even if you have to beg for it.

Please note that 96% of all poker players are not winning this game So, gather 100 players in a room and only 4 of them are real winners. Does that mean that it is almost impossible to do? No, it’s just that these four players know and act on these three facts.

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